Thursday, 19 March 2015

My first night alone in the van...

We interrupt our lack-of-regular blog posts to bring you this update of my first night alone in the van.

Left my sister's house to spend the night alone. Time to spread my wings a bit an be independent from the lure of central heating.

After finding a country lane 2 miles away, I settled into a quiet spot opposite a 'village green'. Emphasis on that as I'm still within the M25. 

At 21:45 I decided to get into bed and I fall asleep rather quickly. At 22:05 I heard a car pulling up. After so many days outside my parents, I thought it was my mother again, but very quickly remembered where I was and woke up. 

Still laying in my bed, clutching my kosh, I heard one of them walking past the van, mumbling something about 'there's a big van here', and then he tried to open the doors. By this point I was well and truly shitting myself. Once he'd moved a bit, I crept up to the windscreen and attempted to see what was going on. Their car was facing me and I was blinded by their headlights. They stayed there for another few minutes, and then left. 
Still scared and rather annoyed I now had to pack away and prepare for driving back to my sister's house. 

And that is my first experience of life living in a van.