Saturday, 11 June 2016

Diary 08/04/15

I sit at this yard, passing time away. Nothing achieved, yet the time has moved on. I feel that I need to achieve something great, yet having a simple life is what I seek. Someone said I'm amazing; that there is something different about me. And indeed there is. Not many people live in a van. Not many women live in a van. And not many do it alone. And still this is how I find myself, alone with nowhere to go. Which is a lie, because I have everywhere to go. I suppose it all depends on wether I want to go or not, or sit here discontent.


  1. Are you ok? You sound a bit down.

    1. Hello Simon, thanks for the message, always nice to know people care.

      This was an old diary entry, although the feelings are still here, I'm learning to deal with them. Will be sharing more of my mind, as well as adventures and it can be a dark place.

      Times have been hard, as I'm sure it has for others, yet I'm still here, still adventuring. Hope all is well with you x

    2. So it is. No idea why but I got an email about this post, I didn't even look at the date.

      Anyway, I know all about being in dark places that are hard to get out of, luckily I got out of them every time on my own although it would have been much easier with some sort of support.

      Being on my own is something I dread but something I am still trying to get my head around for when the time comes (daughter moving on with her life in the coming years), I have plenty of time to get used to the idea though. If I could chose to be alone or have company/companionship then good company//companionship would always win. I love to share things, experiences, see beautiful things with someone else as it just isn't the same on your own.

      You've come this far and even though you are out and about on your own you always have someone somewhere for you should you need them. Sometimes a cuddle is needed but you can't have one because you're on your own and that sucks. Anyway, if that doesn't depress you then nothing will! lol :D