Saturday, 29 June 2013

1000 rediscovered pears

After I finished with Snape [kmt], I found Leiton Abbey. It was mainly rubble, but the arches remained. And they were magnificent. In true religious style, they were huge, to make you feel insignificant. But the skill. Why don't they build like that today? Those techniques have passed the test of time. Why change it? Looks much better than most of the nonsense they now.

I drove the 1000th mile. I bought my self a drink to celebrate. Couldn't buy a Sprite because they are now dead to me. 'Rediscover' Sprite they proclaim, now even more refreshing. No. It's not. I don't want to rediscover Sprite. I want old boring Sprite. You know, the kind we've been drinking happily all these years. If you want less sugar, drink Sprite zero, or better yet drink water and fuck off. Yes, I'm swearing, but dammit I take my Sprite seriously. Now it tastes like shit lemonade, and for the extra money it's not worth it. Each time I go into a shop, I have to think about what I want. If I were American, I'd sue them for wasting my time. I bought a Rubicon instead, that didn't have 55p on the can. More stress.

Drove past the Aspall cider brewery. Didn't stop though, I was on a mission to another castle. Framlingham Castle. Only the curtain wall remained as the last owner levelled the rest to build a poor house, where they feed the poor. At least then they named things properly. Don't know why he had to level it, can't poor people eat in a castle keep? Apparently not. Those walls were massive. Go up the staircase and you can walk around top of the wall. I hobbled around [leg vs shingles] and had apparently gone up the wrong staircase. Like funk I was walking back all that way. There were two people looking disappointed by my apparent disregard for the rules, but I limped towards them and simply stated I couldn't make it round again, and as if by magic, they were smiling again.

Village called Debenham is beautiful. Enough said.

Back to chavs. Saw one walking in a Lonsdale tracksuit. Since writing this blog, I realise I call most people chavs, so gave him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he just went to the gym. He got into a pimped out Ford Fiesta with a scorpion sticker on the side. I shall never judge my judgemental side again. What do you call a chav in white tracksuit? The bride. These jokes exist for a reason.

Drove through a town called Brockdish and one called Eye. Who names these places? Eye was rather nice. I really enjoyed Norwich, which surprised me, as I generally dislike cities. Was lonely again, so I called someone from the couch surfing website and met up for a drink. He was very nice and we had a great chat, unfortunately he couldn't offer me anywhere to stay, but he did buy me a vodka. He is training to be a boeing pilot. Explored the city at 5am, which may be part of the reason I liked it. Found a castle, but couldn't find anywhere free to park but it looked impressive from where I was sitting. Saw remains of the old city wall and this strange little island on the river. The island is only accessible by boat, so I was thoroughly entertained watching them sail across the water as easily as we'd cross the road. One...person...painted their house pink. Why would they do that to me? There I was minding my own business, when I nearly lost my balance as it was so offensive.

Was in Mc D Beccles and they were playing some tunes! Alt J - Breezeblocks and Half Moon Run - Full Circle. Best. Mc Donald's. Ever. I was the only one dancing. Some people have no style. And yes, you can dance in Mc Donald's when you're 100 miles from anyone you'll ever see again.

Went to hell [Tesco] to buy some bananas and pears. I like blush, but they they only had conference pears, I thought I may as well get some anyway. 2 bananas = 31p. 2 pears = £1.26. There is no shame calling the assistant over to cancel pears on the grounds of extortion. Could've got 8 bananas for that price! How is it that a banana comes thousands of miles for 15p and a pear from down the road costs 63p? And don't we subsidise those farms too?

Took a free diabetes test in hell and it came back negative. I took that test for my counsellor - so you can stop worrying now!

I'd also like to thank all of you that have sent me messages of support and encouragement. It's nice to know you're all interested. If you can, please leave them as comments so other people can read them and join in the conversation [unless you're correcting my grammar!] And to all those I've not answered, my phone's internet is sporadic and I've not forgotten you x


  1. I think it's only fair that you allow your corrected grammar posts to stay up!!!! But then I am biased.


  2. Indeed you are, but I appreciate your harassment ;)