Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A brief visit to London.

After I had finished with the delights of Dover Castle, it dawned on me that I needed to have a blood test 2 weeks before my appointment. I made a hasty departure back to London, via Folkestone. Waste of petrol that was. Also forgot to mention the audio from Walmer Castle. You 'dial' a number for each room you're in. For one of the rooms, it made a knock-knock sound, a door creaked and the voice said 'Captain, you have a visitor'. Um, no you don't you've been dead hundreds of years. That was the end of my audio experience. I want to hear facts. If I wanted a dramatisation, I'd have gone to the theatre. Mini-rant over. Huge London rant about to begin.

I made good time to Epping, along the motorway. First time I'd driven over 60mph since leaving. Was a long and monotonous drive, misery setting in as the signs for London became more frequent. Thankfully, Epping was a nice breaking in point. I was in the hospital for a grand total of 11 minutes according to the parking ticket. 8 of them was spent getting to and from the car. A two-hour drive well spent. Next time I'll ask if I can post a sample.

Two hugely noticeable things when entering London is the traffic and litter. You can't truly appreciate how disgusting the streets are until you've seen clean ones. And holy tuna traffic was horrendous. It took an hour to get from Epping to Hornchurch. My road rage returned instantly. I saw one red bus and that was it, that wanker in front going 28mph had to die. Then there was the man who let everyone out. And I mean everyone. Turning right, sure I'll stop. Pedestrian wanting to cross in the middle of the road, no problem. Bus pulling out, please, take your time. No rush, don't mind us, the 100 cars behind you trying very hard not to forcibly remove you from your car. And now the elderly. In the countryside, they do alright, the pace of driving is more relaxed, causal with many opportunities to overtake. In London, speed is king and hesitation is not tolerated. I waited behind one old lady who took a whole 5 minutes to pull out of a junction, that an HGV could've left 8 times. Maximum patience required, and thankfully achieved.

Stayed at my parents house. I managed two days before I had to stay at a friends. I wasn't going to let their misery ruin my week. Before I left, my dad's brother called. To most that would be an Uncle. But as he rightly put it 'I don't think I've ever spoken to you before'. No, no you haven't. So dad's brother it is. He never calls, so after ascertaining that no one had died, he proceeded to bore me for the next 10 minutes about his mundane life. I told him that my dad saw their sister last month, to which he replied 'oh, is she still about?' What a beautiful family I have. The love is so strong. Inspirational. I've been told to admit, that I forgot to tell my dad he'd had a triple bypass. I thought the sister comment was funnier and he wasn't dead, some no problem in my book. Spent the next 2 days playing Xbox in Leytonstone. Final Fantasy 13 had my name on it. Speaking of names, who the hell named those characters. And why does a black man have a chick living in his head. It's an afro, not a freaking birds nest.

Received a call a few weeks prior from a man called Shah who wanted to travel with me. We met up for a drink and he seemed nice enough, so made a plan to meet the following day at 2pm. At 1:30 he calls [after I sent 3 texts] to ask if we can go the next day. Needless to say, I left his ass right there and headed on my way.

On Monday morning, I got back into my car and headed for Felixstowe. Was aiming for Essex, but I got side tracked and the sign said 'Welcome to Suffolk'. So there I was. Again, with no radio. Since losing XFM, the radio is dead to me.  Felixstowe wasn't too bad, nice even. Lots of charity shops, but far too many visitors. The best feature was sand. It was nice to have some under my feet as opposed to the harsh shingles of the south. The 'fun' area of the beach was dismal, not somewhere you'd go on holiday unless you collected tokens from the Sun newspaper.

Saw a sign for Master Lord, which sounded awesome. Turned out to be an office suite. Awesome names, need to have a disclaimer. 'Master Lord left, not as awesome as you think'.

This post was written as I sit on another beach. With sand :)

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