Thursday, 6 June 2013

Unexpected expenses

Oh what joy. I've received my car insurance renewal letter. £1200. Only £400 more than a new quote from the same company. How nice of them to offer me such a generous loyalty discount.

On Saturday I'm booked to have my cam/timing belt changed. That's another £220. Plus a little extra for the water pump. Always change it at the same time as it's hiding behind the belt. And then I realised my MOT was due in 2 days, so I had to do that for£39. Thankfully, Oz was a good boy and passed with no advisory notes. Perhaps you don't think that's too bad. But my joy was only just beginning. 

I calmly left the house to go charity-shop shopping with my mum, and noticed that my windscreen had a new friend. An 8" crack. I can't fucking believe it. I'm devastated. I laid across the bonnet in despair. My mum unsure what to do, looked on silently as the minutes ticked on. I really can't afford this. My total spending money is now reaching the £500 mark. I say spending money, yet what I mean is total money. It's all I have. I don't have a secret stash of money waiting for me in an off-shore bank account. I don't even have £100 in an on-shore bank account. Another £125 for Auto Glass. Yes, I'm fully comp, but no, it's not covered.

And to make myself feel better during this delightful time, I've grown a new special feature on my lip. Fantastic.

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