Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Trees, Chavs, Parking & Ants.

I slept much better the night before last. I'm getting the hang of this car sleeping business. I wasn't so cold, because I broke out the sleeping bag. I was trying not do, due to the fun experience of putting it back in the bag, but some things just have to be done. It was just as fun this time. I arrived on a quiet residential street on the Isle of Sheppy at 11pm and once again, slept till 5am. I'm sensing a theme. After waking I drove to the sea-front and was astounded by the view. The sun rising over the cliffs in the distance and the gentle lapping of the waves, with the view extending for miles around the undulating coastline.

I can tell I'm getter further from London, as strangers have started saying good morning. Although only good morning, perhaps I need to travel further to have a good afternoon.

I got washed in the Tesco baby changing room, far superior than the disabled toilet, and a lot less guilt-ridden. Although at least in a disabled toilet you can limp out, it would be a bit difficult pretending my PJs were a baby.

Went to a little shit-hole called Kemsley. There were 6 signs for the same school. At first it seemed a little odd, but on inspection not surprising, as it really was the only thing worth noting. As you enter the town, there is a huge pub which was boarded up. And that was it. Oh, and the school, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Drove past Judd's Folly Hotel and was graced with the most picturesque arrangement of trees. So much so, I had to turn around to have another look. Went to Faversham, and I'm glad I did. By far the most delightful town I've seen. It retains much of its original charm, the town centre is quaint and filled with independent shops and the vast majority of properties are charming little cottages. Sadly, they've let the chavs live on the outskirts. I was the only 'black' in the village, and I was the afternoon entertainment. For those of you who don't know me, I'm not black, I'm mixed race, but to the uneducated, I'm as black as coal. Personally, the most entertaining thing was the old 'white' lady that was tanned so much, she reminded me of an old leather bag.

I hate Canterbury. Every flipping road is pay & display. I drove for 25 minutes to find free parking as I wanted to have a nap before meeting a friend, and refused to pay for the pleasure. Eventually I found a place in the arse end of town. Its a pretentious place, not unlike Oxford or Cambridge. It would seem that universities ooze arrogance. I drove around a fantastic village called 'Selling'. I didn't actually find the centre [village shop] as I was having far too much fun exploring the fruit farms and the complex maze of country lanes. I've put £70 of fuel in the car since starting, and my petrol light is on again. I need to sort something out soon, ask can't sustain this level of expense. At this rate I'll be back in London before July.

I spent the night at said friends house, after my usual round of cleaning. 3 hours of cleaning. And it still wasn't enough cleaning. Could've stayed another night, but I really can't handle the mess. They are like whirlwinds of destruction. The humans and the dogs. So, with that in mind we went on a mission to find some work. After we went to the beach of course. Priorities first. I held a crab, albeit for 1.2 seconds before I screamed and threw it back into the sea. She laughed and I contemplated using my anti-bacterial hand wash.

Visited the Reculver Towers and Roman Fort. As usual, I was enthralled by the workmanship, even though it was in ruins. Imagine, each stone, hand placed, by those long dead. Went to the woods [somewhere] and saw billions of ants. Perhaps not billions, but there were thousands all over the place and they were huge. Countryside ants are a lot scarier than our tiny little black ones. Two of the little [huge] buggers made it back to the car.

Urgh. Nature should learn to stay outside, there is nothing but death awaiting you in my car.

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