Thursday, 20 June 2013


Wind headaches. I've established this is officially a problem for me. Every time I'm on a cliff or a beach and it's windy, I get a headache and my scalp itches. And then I'm miserable, and no amount of beauty can save me. It was so windy, the car moved when parked. Before the pain set in, I had a lovely morning walking along a stretch of beach in East Cliff. The walk took me along the foot of the white chalk cliffs, in an area where the surprisingly small sign, warns of being cut off by the tide. I'm a brave lass me, so off I went. In part helped by the knowledge that there was a 2.4 family there, so I assumed the country dwellers know when to run from the tide. It was one of the best beach walks I've ever had. The chalk cliffs on my left side, and each time I turned a 'corner' there was a mini-cave waiting for me to be in awe of. One of them was huge. It would be an awesome place to have a BBQ...for a little while. Saw a man cutting some random green stuff on my way down the beach, and on the way up he was still there. I asked him what he was picking and he said 'Sand Fire'. Now I don't know about you, but I've never heard of this, but he assures me that you "boil it to get the salt out, it tastes like asparagus and the people up London pay £40kg for it". According to the woman on the asparagus farm, that's true. And they didn't have any work either.

Next message. Margate is crap and so is Broadstairs. I liked Ramsgate as the roads and buildings were reasonably nice. There is an awesome hill with a man-made stone structure-thing on both sides. I had to turn around so I could see it again. I've laid my eyes upon the smallest Asda I've ever seen. Looked more like a glorified Londis. There were only 2 check-outs and 6 self-service tills. In an Asda. Seriously. They also had two spaces for electric cars to park-and-charge. And yet two 'normal' cars parked there. Better I suppose, than the same idiots parking in the disabled spaces. Disabled people should be able to block them in with no repercussions, and the only way for them to get out faster is to help them with their shopping.

Went to the Richborough Roman Fort & Amphitheatre, no idea what it was, but I'm a member and I'm determined to go everywhere. I'll tell you what it was - huge. Honestly the things they made back then are fascinating, they even had underfloor heating. Yet the Victorians were still throwing shit out the window. It was unnaturally windy and I spent the whole time walking around with my fingers in my ears to help with the WH [figure it out]. There were three massive defensive ditches around the whole structure, must have been at least 5ft wide and at points 6ft deep. People dug that. Not builders wielding diggers. Hands, shovels, sweat. Good thing they liked bathing so much.

In the bushlands there are more railway crossings. And unlike London's few, they have half barriers, and a much shorter down time. In London it feels like you can crawl backwards across before the train arrives. Now every time I cross one, I have a mini-panic attack. Great. I've changed the way I drive, now I'm fuel efficient. I'm driving 50 in a 70 zone and I'm taking my sweet ass time pulling out at junctions. People now hate me. I haven't the money to waste on extra fuel, and besides I get to look at everything longer.

On the last night there, James went to bed and left his wallet in the living room. As soon as I noticed, I took it to his bedroom. He said "if I can't trust you, who else can I trust". Sniff sniff.

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