Friday, 21 March 2014

On route to the forest.

Never trust a sat nav. 90% of the time I wasn't going anywhere in particular, so I didn't need it. But when I did, he let me down. Good thing I could see the castle out the dam window.

Drove past some huge hills that looked like a wedding cake. A square one. Some random grass Tower of Hanoi pyramids. In the middle of no where. I have no idea. Someone had too much money.

Got to Edinburgh. Been there before, so nothing overly exciting. Besides it's a city, and cities don't excite me. I love the architecture, but then there is the issue of parking. I had a drive round, might as well. Reminiscent of Romford, but with more red hair. And more hills, seems every other road was a hill.

Bored of Edinburgh, I decided to head further north across the red bridge. As awesome as it looked, it was closed. The next crossing was over an hour away. I felt I was at the Brandywine bridge in the Shire.

I was on a mission to get to my WWOOF host. Can't be bother, ask google. It was only a 'short' drive to his place in the Cairngorms National Park. It was an incredibly beautiful country drive, but I wasn't in the mood for stopping. I drove past over ten castles, they were looming in the distance. Calling me. I even passed Hadrian's Wall without so much as touching a rock.

In England we have the 'national speed limit' sign, but in Scotland there are 70mph signs. Saves confusion, but technically, a caravan can go 70mph in Scotland, but not in England. And these A-roads are deadly.

I've arrived at the national park, it is full of Scottish Pine trees. OK, so I'm in Scotland, but pine trees are so boring. I want to see oak, beech, willow...anything other than this straight, boring pine. For miles.

Time to find Tom, my host for the next few days. Ha, sounds sinister. It wasn't, but I can assure you it was weird.  

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