Tuesday, 23 September 2014

To the present.

I'm unhappy; trapped in this concrete jungle.

I'm in London. Again. I was taken in once more by the lure of the flashing lights, the petrol station at the end of the road, and a multitude of 24/7 supermarkets.

It's so unnecessary. I want a simpler life. I crave it. Yet I'm wary of leaving it all behind, and the relative comfort of four walls.

The current plan is to take the car and spend two weeks on the road, and two weeks in London. Not ideal, but business dictates. I'd rather jump, not paddle into a situation. I might lose all my possessions, but at least I can swim.

Eventually I want to be nomadic, perpetually moving from place to place. Exploring both my surroundings and myself. I just hope this is what I'm looking for.

Right now I need to save money. Urgh, the feeling of disgust as I think about it. Such a tiresome thing is money. The car needs fixing, and converting into my home! That's going to be a few hundred boof for sure. Oh well, at least I can practise whilst I wait.

I'm changing my diet in preparation, and I'm decluttering. I aim to only leave one suitcase behind. That's not the even the hard part. That would be cooking outside in the rain.

And one day I'll finish the story.

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