Friday, 16 January 2015

What I want, is not what I need.

We are trained to want. To need. And yet what we desire the most, is in fact not what we need. Why do we need the latest gadget, to fill our homes with these treasures? Symbols of achievement that leave us wanting more. Full of empty promises, lies of success. A never ceasing and unending pursuit of hollow goals.

Yet I do not know, what are the things I need. Experiences of life, to find meaning beyond consumption. There is something more I seek. To define ones self by more than the career. To be a human and to exist is no longer an acceptable goal. As if somehow, not aspiring to hollow dreams, is a sign of weakness. To not play by the rules, to not dislike thy self because of this. To search beyond the false blanket of contentment. To not realise too late, that all life has become, is the pursuit of possessions.

In light of this I must continue my goal; to explore this life and to know myself. 

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  1. I just read this and your feeling are exactly the same as mine, I too want to just up and go, leave all this superficial bull behind and start living the real life, I'd like to do with someone but alas I cannot find anyone who feels as I do about life! I wish you luck in your new life! :)