Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The update on life since buying a van.

I've been busy.

Sawing, drilling, cutting, sticking, stuffing.
I've almost finished insulating 3/4 of the van. I can't believe it is taking so long.

Just cleaning him was a mission into itself. Now I'm struggling to put the ply on the walls. Day after day of working. It's been cold and I've been miserable. And today my mum said she will bless the van. And now I have to be seen as ungrateful if I don't let her pray on it. If she wants to go outside and pray, that's her business, but why do I have to stand there and listen to it.

Today I built a box to cover the wheel arch. I realise that according to you, I've only just bought a van, so what does a wheel arch have to do with anything. A lot. And it is a nightmare. The box worked, but then the ply that we cut to fit said boxes, doesn't fit when the ply is pulled in. So now I'm going to have to baton it. I've never sawn so much wood in my life. Sawing is hard, my arm hurts, actually my hand hurts. I'm very proud of my batons, even I couldn't pull them off the walls - and I tried. One things for sure, when I get around to building the cupboards, they will be well supported.

I sold my favourite cup and saucer set yesterday - Denby Lucerne - and frankly I'm rather sad about this. I hope that the new owner loves it as much as I do. I wanted to send an eBay message, but though that might be a bit weird. Hey, those cups you just bought, be nice to them.

I've been off all week working on the van. I'm going to Bath/Bristol over the weekend to visit a friend, who is very excited about seeing the van; so I though it best that there's more to show that a white box. Let's hope he likes it. See you soon MM!

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