Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Homemade washing powder for lazy people

I developed a reaction to washing powder so needed to make my own. I'm lazy and I did it. You can do it. This much lasted me for a month [thank god, because I'd never make it every week].

Recipe first, descriptive words later.

500g Borax [not substitute] [£2.30]
400g Soda Crystals [40p]
100g Bicarbonate of Soda [30p]
100g Soap Flakes [25p]
40 drops of essential oils - I use 20 orange, 20 lemon [£?]

Measure all of the ingredients.
Put into a bowl.
Mix it.
Put into a container

Total cost: £3.25 [15p a wash]

Use 50g per wash. Weight a portion out, then make a mark on a plastic cup. I know, it doesn't seem 'enough', but it works - even on a quick wash. But no, it will not clean things that are stained to shit. You'll need to break out the Vanish, until I figure it out.

It's really not difficult. I got the funnels at the 99p store. Borax and essential oils from eBay. Bicarbsoda crystals and soap flakes from Wilkinsons, although they don't seem to sell the flakes any more. You can always grater a bar of plain soap, but that is pushing it a bit. I've done it before; more annoying that cheese, but better than carrots.

When using the funnel, enlist the help of a wooden spoon for persuasion.

For my container, I used an innocent juice bottle and it holds everything nicely, easy to carry, open and it came with free juice.

And that is how I saved my skin, prevented an operation, saved money and felt domesticated - all for £3.25.

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