Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spontaneity vs. Planning - The beginning of an adventure.

Welcome to the beginning of my blog. 
You should get comfortable, this may take a while.

***** ***** *****

To go now or to go later? That's the long and short of it.

I loathe responsibilities, one of the main reasons for my wanting to simply get up and leave. Sadly, there are things that need addressing. For a start, I'll need money and I haven't much of that. I already have a car, an Astra named Ozlo. He's not very big though, so I'm thinking of buying another one before I leave. 

Hundreds of questions flood into my mind. When to leave? How much money should I save first? How am I going to save this money? How am I going to earn money on the road? Should I head north or west? Can I survive on chips alone? Where will I pee? How long is too long between showers?

Meh. Far too much to think about - better to just wing it. Spontaneity always wins in my world. Why do I convince myself I'll plan something, yet never do?

Most humans I've spoken to say I'm brave for what I intend to do. Perhaps they don't think I'm shitting bricks. I am.

And here it is; the plan. Not that there is much of it.

Drive around England.

Exchange skills for food and accommodation. 
Make money for petrol.
Don't die.

Sounds simple enough. 

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