Friday, 10 May 2013

Stage two - ditching the junk

Yesterday I went a little mad - well slightly more mad than usual. I've started stage two of the clearing out. Stage one being to throw away the obvious things I don't need. Shoes are overrated and I've only got two feet.

Now it's getting serious. I'm sorting piles of stuff that are staying, coming and going. It is my intention to leave only one suitcase behind at mum's. And that ladies and gentlemen, is optimism.

So far so good, the going pile is larger than the staying. Remarkably, the jewellery box I bought at the bootsale for a fiver, costs £125 new. Well helloooo eBay - I should get £30 for that! Speaking of the dreaded eBay - I put eight auctions on last night, ranging from shoes to a velvet cloak - which incidentally is awesome. My best eBay auction tip - wrap for postage as soon as you've listed it. Nothing worse than being bombarded with multiple sales and not being in the mood to wrap - which for me is all the time. Not to mention having to walk to the Piss Off.

Today I've carried on the excitement and have been sorting out even more nonsense. I've now got a box for giving to other people. No sense throwing away what a friend could use. You'd be surprised at how much crap you don't need, and how much they'll want to horde it.

I should probably add that I'm closing down my vintage pottery shop for this journey. It was something that I'd convinced myself I wanted in life, and for a time I really did. And then I became depressed, quickly. Everyday staring at the same walls, walking the same route. I lasted 6 months. That was impressive for me.

As we've established that planning is for normal people, I'm simply going to head out once everything is sold. That should be in two weeks! How freaking scary is that.

HA! Speaking of scary, I 'accidentally' told my mum, I'll 'probably' sleep in the car most nights and she was less than impressed. Apparently, parents worry about your safety. When I suggested she buy me a camper-van, her concerns quickly faded.

Love - apparently there is a monetary limit.

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