Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tramping it - part 1

He's a bad influence on me. Today I went into a church to get free food. A church. With bibles on the table and people talking about Jesus. First we had to go to the CAB to get a food bank voucher and then to the church. I made a convincing homeless person and I got some free food too. Don't know whether I should be offended or happy. Walking with a tramp, makes you look like a tramp. He would've got more food if we were 'together', but I wasn't having none of that. Then we went around with a 'gold' ring, which I later learnt he bought from a gypsy man for £7. Three jewellers told him it was fake. Even I knew it was fake looking at it from a distance. But he was optimistic [read stupid]. My 'reward' for driving him to the church, was a can of chicken meatballs. So, in true semi-homeless style, I heated meatballs in a saucepan, chucked in some rice, and in the pissing rain, sat in the car eating from the saucepan with a spoon. No, I didn't have a fork. Important lesson follows. Never eat chicken meatballs from a can. Ever. This may shock you. He ate my left-overs and then he put the saucepan down for the dog. White people.

Reg the mad drummer took me for a day trip so Southwold. The entire journey was spent 'discussing' other peoples driving. And by discussing I mean ripping the shit out of. Was a nice place, and walked for MILES. It was the furthest I've walked since owning a car. But it was a fantastic walk. Along the marina, past the cows [kmt], into a village and across a crabbing bridge. With children and buckets. Catching crabs, lots and lots of crabs. The children mocked me as I squealed over crabs, they proclaimed were tiny. I convinced one of them to let me touch one and once again, I screamed and threw it into the sea. Children find that kind of thing amusing. I don't. We stopped for some chips and was given a ticket. And then we had to wait for 15 minutes in a waiting room. For chips.

I found a breakfast source. Bought some, but Paul lost his and was grumpy for bloody hours looking for it. Didn't find it, but the dog looked happy.

Would write more, but WiFi is scarce, so this'll do.

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