Monday, 15 July 2013

Tramping it - part 2

So there I was, snuggled into my sleeping bag, minding my own business. I was writing a previous blog post on Nexy and decided to use the glove box as a makeshift stand, as the crap I bought broke. Boom. I was attacked. By a freaking ninja crane fly [dragonfly to Londoners]. I was trapped in the sleeping bag, as you know, and I was in the passengers seat. So picture this. Me, in a bag franticly trying to rescue my arms, whilst avoiding the 'killer' in the car. When I finally escaped, I'm waving my arms around uselessly, all the while trying not to scream for help. I chucked Nexy on the drivers seat [sorry] and launched a full counter attack. He landed on the the roof and bam! The end.

So apart from that, I've been sleeping better in the car. I've also established that at the rate I'm spending on fuel, I'll have to go back to London in the next few weeks. Its been just as hard, and a little scarier to ask for work than I'd anticipated. According to my brief and highly unscientific calculations, I'm spending 17p per mile on fuel.

Mc. Donalds + small human + chicken nugget + floor + large human giving it back to him = shock, horror and disgust.

Back to the boat and the filler had dried, so sanding was required. I started off with some green sandpaper, found some wood to make a block, and got to work. After 10 minutes of hand sanding I was informed, I could use the mouse sander. Ohhhh. Things that plug in. Buzzzzzzz. Fun, but took bloody ages and my hands were hurting from the vibrations. After that it was time for priming! Heavens alive you've not smelt a paint so strong in your life. By the time I'd painted half the port side, I was feeling faint. But to be fair, it did have a few hazardous triangles on the can. Paul was applying black tar to the hull. Its used as an anti-foul to stop nature attaching itself to the hull.

I've decided that I'm going to own a boat, with the intention of living on it. I had this notion 4 years ago, but was tied to London and the moorings are ,ore expensive than rent. It will be black. Obviously. And I'm going to fly the jolly roger! I've been told by almost everyone that you can't paint a boat black. Mmmmm, if you can paint them white, green, red, blue etc - I'm painting it black. Honestly, you'd thing these old people would know the song. Also there is a weird superstition, that you can't change the name of a boat because its bad luck.

Did you know boats need a MOT. Me neither. They don't call it that, but you know what I mean.

I went to Tesco and was browsing the yellow sticker specials and a man commented that all the old people took them earlier. We then proceeded to have a little chat by the carrots, as no on in London has ever done. Blah blah blah, travelling the country, blah blah, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is crap, why have a monorail. His response. You have to see it from the air, to truly appreciate how shit it really is. I laughed so much people were looking at me. Not that they weren't already looking at me for being the most colourful human in the store.

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